HI Sessions: Kimie Minor - New Day

Singer-songwriter Kimié Miner manages to create an inimitable musical style that dresses the listener in a flowing mu’umu’u on a cool beach, easily mistaken for paradise. Growing up on an island surrounded by the ocean was a formative experience for Kimié, and an experience that can be distinctly heard through her work.  Her melodies embody a loose, down-to-earth feel, and her lyrics create a universal imagery that transcends ethnicity, gender, age, and musical genre.


was a girl … a girl without a name Bought a one-way ticket on a going nowhere train (choo choo) I was falling fast and there was nothing to grab

I reached for my man, but found one-night stands I couldn't catch my breath, I had nowhere to land For three damn days, I played with the damned, yeah I had the devil on my shoulder whisperin' lies, now I'm older I was mixed up, but it feels like a new day is comin' :
I'll start all over, I'll start all over A new day, a new day, yeah I took a dive into the deep blue sea And swam as fast as my broken heart could carry me Yeah, there was a storm (there was a storm) Yeah, there was a war (there was a war) I left behind the tears I cried on a desert pirate shore I couldn't catch my breath, I had nowhere to stand Just me and my machete, she was all that I had, yeah I found myself in a bubble, got myself in some trouble I was knocked down, but it feels like a new day is comin'
Repeat : I know it's time, ‘cause I hear the songbirds hummin' And I know it's time, ‘cause I can't stop my fingers from strummin', I hear it comin' yeah

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