Maui Snorkel Guide: Honolua Bay

Our favorite snorkeling spot on Maui's west side is Honolua Bay.   Visitors can take either drive and hike in or they can choose to take a catamaran excursion with a number of companies, including our favorites Trilogy and Pacific Whale Foundation

Honolua Bay is an amazing Marine Preserve located on the northwest tip of Maui, not far from the Kapala Resort.  Snorkeling is best at Honolua Bay in the morning from 7 am – 10 am for the clearest visibility.  For those staying on the west side of Maui, you can expect a 5 to 20 minute drive time from your resort.

Since this is a Marine Preserve, no fishing of any kind is allowed here which makes for a sea-life density and diversity that is second to none on Maui! The bay is surrounded by high rocky cliffs, sheltering it on both sides from the wind which keeps the water peaceful and calm. Upon arriving, you’ll see a beautiful forest path that you need to walk through to get to the shore.

Insider Tips:

The highest concentration of Honolua’s coral and sea life is situated on the right side of the bay. Walk along the right side of the rocky area to the north side of the bay before entering the water.  The rocks can be slippery, make sure you have good footwear and proceed carefully.  Make sure you have your hands free .  Honolua Bay is not ideal for small children because the beach there is small, rocky and not well suited

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