Maui Whale Watching Season 2019

The 2019 Maui Whale Watching Season is upon us.  Every year, thousands of visitors from around the world witness the majesty of the North Pacific humpback whales in their natural habitat.   Without a doubt, one of the most amazing marine wildlife adventures you’ll ever have the opportunity to partake in is a chance to  Year, after year, these magical mammals grace Hawaiian waters and shorelines for their annual Winter migration through the North Pacific Ocean (roughly November-March).

North Pacific humpback whales are the fifth largest whale species in the world and can weigh anywhere between 25-40 tons (50,000 -80,000 lbs), and approximately 1 ton (2,000 lbs) as newborns.  

Humpback whales can grow up to 60 feet in length, the females being larger sized of the breed.

Their upper (dorsal) body is primarily a dark shade of grey, with distinct areas of white on their flippers (pectoral fins) and under (ventral) bellies. On average, the North Pacific humpback whale can live for about 50 years (although there have been accounts living up to 90 years), and reach sexual maturity between 5-7 years old.

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