World Class: Maui Brewing Company

If you are passionate about beer and love visiting craft breweries, then Maui Brews in Kihei is a must stop for you.  Maui Brewing Co. is the largest brewery in Hawai‘i, capable of almost 100,000 barrels out of its facility in Kīhei. In addition to the uncompromising quality, this is one of the most forward-thinking businesses you will find anywhere. In 2017 they won a national small business award.  Maui Brews's commitment to sustainability is second to none.  Their entire plant runs off of renewable energy and has the capacity to run completely off the grid.  they resent won a prestigious 2018 AIA Design Award for Interior Architecture.

Not only do they have great beer, but their food is also excellent as well.  Check out their menu

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Maui Brew Craft Brewery605 Lipoa Parkway - Kihei, HI 96753- PH: 808.201.BEER

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